Angry Enough to Die

Who Are You?

Mission T.O.P. Stories

Pick Up the Phone

What Makes Strength

The Fire Leads

It Was Good

Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me

Roots of Generosity

It’s Always Planting Time

Come Have Some Breakfast

When They Looked Up

When it was Noon, Darkness

When They Had Mocked Him

After a Little While

The Hour Has Come

On The First Day

He Holds Them in Parables

Take Heart: Your Sins are Forgiven

The Good Wine

Looking for a Sign, Finding a Savior

Looking for Control, Finding Love

Looking for Jesus

Mary the Virgin

His Name Is John

“Do Not Be Alarmed For His Life Is In Him”

For He is Our Peace


Love Is

Battered By The Waves


I Will Not Let You Go

I Didn’t Know I Was Thirsty

Restorer of Life

God’s Word in Us

Do You Have Anything Here to Eat?

The Winds of Change

This is My Prayer

Treasure in Clay Jars

Letters of Recommendation

Learning to Say Goodbye

We Know Him in the Holy Spirit

Working on Commission

We Know Him Through the Community of Faith

We Know Him By the Fruit He Bears in Us

We Know Him When He Calls Us

Easter Sunday 4-1-2018

Maundy Thursday 2018


New Wine/Old Wineskins

Jesus Calls Levi

Your Sins Are Forgiven (February 25, 2018)

Treasures in Heaven

Christmas Eve, 11:00pm Candlelight Service

“Let Us Go!”

2016 podcasts

Let It Be

Do Not Be Afraid

October 2015

September 27, 2015