2018 Committee Members

Curt Floyd (Chair)
Bev Weddle
Judy Hampson
Greg Turk
Ron Fahs
Shirley Burris
Jason Jones (Church Treasurer)
Angie Linkey – (Secretary)
Pastor Miriam Snider

The Endowment Committee was established in order to encourage Christian stewardship and enable the church to continue its mission. Most of the Committee’s activities fall into the three broad categories of objectives listed below. Various activities are planned on an ongoing basis to help meet these objectives.

1. Establish a framework for accepting appropriate donations and transferring these resources to the areas where they are most needed, in accordance with the wishes of the donors and the guidance contained in the CUMC Endowment Policy Manual. This framework includes the various types of funds discussed in the Policy Manual, including the General, Capital and Missions Funds; other “named” funds; and Memorials.

2. Inform and educate the congregation about their opportunities to donate resources (over and above their contributions to the church’s operating budget) to help the church continue its mission; inform the congregation and church leadership about the funds that are available for expenditure, and what they may be used for.

3. Prudently invest and properly safeguard the financial resources that are held by the Committee.

The Church Council adopted the Endowment Policy Manual to provide guidance to the Committee and to establish parameters concerning spending. The Committee has established a Spending Policy that includes more detailed “rules” about how the Endowment Fund is administered. Committee members sign a conflict of interest form each year, as a reminder that the Committee operates for the benefit of the church and not for individuals.

The Endowment Committee manages several individual funds that have different objectives and spending rules, based on the wishes of the original donors. The Shields Scholarship Fund provides an opportunity for our youth to receive scholarships to help them with their college expenses. Money may be requested from the other funds by completing a form which is submitted to the Endowment Committee.

When memorial funds are received by the church, the Committee has appointed a Memorials Family Liaison to help family members determine exactly how they would like to see those funds put to work.

If you would like further information about the Endowment Committee’s activities please visit our news page. If you are considering making a donation to help support the mission of the church, please contact one of the Committee members or call the church office at 217-483-2132. You can also email the church office at office@chathamumc.net.