Youth Small Groups

Sr. & Jr. High Youth Groups – Wednesdays at 6:15-7:15pm
Dinner, Snacks, Hang out, Worship, and Small Group Discussion
Sr. High Bible Study – Wednesdays at 7:30-8:30pm
Disciple Fast Track

Special Events

Our monthly special events are an opportunity for youth to do some fun things and grow tighter  as a group at the same time; enabling the group to support one another on their Christian walk! These events are also a great way to get involved if you have never done anything with our church before! Each event is 100% fun and everyone is invited to join us.  Some of the things we like to participate in include Paintball, Youth Retreats, Camping, Snow-tubing;  Super bowl parties, Mini-Golf, and so much more.

Mission Trips

Every year our youth have the opportunity to serve during Youth Mission Trips. These trips give our youth a unique opportunity to leave their normal routine, their families, and their friends for a short amount of time to go out and serve those in need. As a Matthew 25 church we place a high emphasis on serving others; and every year we are very proud of the youth who participate. We do everything we can to make this an opportunity that everyone can participate in if they so choose. Participants provide a small deposit.  The remainder of the cost is covered by fundraising in our church and community.

If you are an adult interested in finding out more about how to volunteer with us please visit our Youth Ministry Volunteer Training Page.