Church Council

Chair of Church Council Laura Steinway
Recording Secretary Dena Sale
Lay Leader Julie Miller
Associate Lay Leader Judy Blahofski
Lay Member of Annual Conference Julie Miller / Jane Stricklin
Alternate Lay Member
Chair of Education Committee Jeremy Peck
Chair of Trustees Lynn Weddle
Chair of Finance Jane Stricklin
Church Treasurer Jason Jones
Financial Secretary Jeanette Hampson
Chair of Staff-Parish Dean Abbott
Co-Cordinators of Missions Kristie Zimmermann / Joyce Metz
Chair of Endowment Curt Floyd
Co-Chairs of Nominations & Leadership Development Pastor Miriam Snider /Julie Miller / Judy Blahofski
Co-Chairs of Hospitality, Evangelism, and Publicity Jaime & Mike Goin
President of UMW Jan Miller
President of UMM Monte Law
Youth Council Mike Ford


Committee on Finance

Jane Stricklin Chair of Finance
Jason Jones Church Treasurer
Jeanette Hampson Financial Secretary
Lynn Weddle Trustee Representative

Ted Frost Consultant
Cheryl Vertrees Office Manager
Dean Abbott SPRC Representative
Julie Miller & Judy Blahofski Lay Leaders

2017 2018 2019
Jane Stricklin (chair) Judy Onken Shannon McAuley
Dianna Taylor Linda McCall


Board of Trustees

Lynn Weddle Chair of Trustees
Tom Wilson Lawyer in-residence
Nathan Knappenburger Tech-Media Director
2017 2018 2019
Lynn Weddle (chair) Dave Green
Marvin Rightnowar Ed Camacho Bill Shannon
Sadie Jones Alison Anderson
Roger Philips

Staff-Parish Relations Committee

Dean Abbott Char of SPRC

Julie Miller & Judy Blahofski Lay Leaders
2017 2018 2019
Sheri Voiles Jim Logan
Phil Fahs Rick Ford
Adam Newhall
Randy Welch
Dean Abbott


Nominations & Leadership Development

Julie Miller & Judy Blahofski Chairs of NLD
Carol Frost Staff Representative
2017 2018 2019
Aaron Peck Meredith Ferguson Belinda Green
Wayne Edwards



Jeremy Peck Chairs of Education
Mike Ferguson Children & Youth Minister (Staff)
2017 2018 2019
Jeremy Peck Connie Shugart
Mike Taylor
 Dena Sale


Missions & Outreach

Joyce Metz & Kristie Zimmermann Co-Coordinators of Missions & Outreach



Jason Jones Treasurer
2018 2019 2020
Bev Weddle Greg Turk
Angie Linkey – Secretary Curt Floyd – Chairman
Judy Hampson Ron Fahs
Shirley Burris Jason Jones – Church Treasurer
Miriam Snider – Pastor Judy Hampson



Hospitality / Evangelism / Publicity

Carol Frost  Staff Representative
Jan Capron Carolyn Kirk Kristie Zimmermann
Patty Merano Carolyn Fleming Jager Ferguson
Jason Thoron Jamie Goin Deb Burke
Mike Goin
 Updated January 2017