Rev. Miriam Snider

Directing Pastor

Pastor Miriam is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church.  She’s also married to a United Methodist Pastor (Justin, an Associate Pastor at Springfield First UMC). She has two children, Samuel (10), and Katie (6) and a dog named Penny. Pastor Miriam is a graduate of Greenville University (2002, Communication: Public Relations) and Duke Divinity School (2006, MDiv).   

 Miriam has been in pastoral ministry for 13 years and has served in a rural context, a university setting and now in a suburban parish. Pastor Miriam has a heart for preaching, vibrant worship, teaching, spiritual formation, retreat ministries, service and the equipping of lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ who are growing in faith. Pastor Miriam loves anything Enneagram and Strength Finder. Her hobbies include sewing, being creative, hiking, reading, and travel. 

Miriam enjoys learning and opportunities for growth, with interests in the areas of Bible study, spiritual formation, preaching, and church revitalization. She’s been shaped by the work of many writers, poets and theologians, including Ellen Davis, Stanley Hauerwas, NT Wright, Sam Wells, Christine Pohl, Brene Brown, Kate Bowler, Mary Oliver, Will Willimon and many others.