karin bio

Karin Newhall


Karin Newhall joined the child care staff at CUMC in January. She’s married to Adam Newhall and has been attending CUMC for several years. Karin was born and raised in Germany. Her full time profession is RN-BSN at SIU School of medicine where she works with great people who have the common goal of providing the best care for patients and helping the community in many ways. 

Karin’s goal of bringing good to the community to the church she loves. Serving on the child care staff enables her to make an impact in lives for the better.

The bell choir and choir are also a passion for Karin. Her hobbies crocheting, knitting, love, exploring the outdoors, going for walks and enjoying a good book in a comfy chair. She’s amother of 4 children, 2 of her 3 boys are already adults, both of them are in the military. Her oldest son will be blessing her with the joy of becoming a grandma soon. She’s decided she likes the title, “Oma.”  The other full time Marine is currently in CA and wants to go overseas. Thomas and Sophia are the 2 still at home and are keeping Karin and Adam quite busy.