By Michael Ferguson

The youth and adults attending this year’s mission trips would like to thank each of you in this congregation for all your support and love this year while we were fundraising and preparing to embark on our trip into the mountains of Tennessee. As you read this our Senior High students are currently at Mountain T.O.P. and our Junior High youth are preparing to go the following week.

We would like to ask each of you to remember this group of young people in your prayers, as well as those with whom they will be working, as they spread the love of Jesus. Please pray for strength, guidance, and an openness to see and experience God’s love in every activity, and that our youth will be able to touch someone in a way that will bring them into a closer relationship to Christ.

Our youth and leaders attending these trips are:

Week of June 24-July 1: Isa Camacho, Allie Boyd, Samantha Kessinger, Olivia Stabler, Willa Phillips, Angie Ford, CeCe Parker, Mikey Ford, Christian Benbrook, Mitch Jones, Jager Ferguson, Jeanette Hampson, Shelley Phillips, Rick Ford and Michael Ferguson

Week of July 4-July 9: Isa Phillips, Mia Jones, Elli Finney, Samantha Slife, Sadie Jones, Melissa Slife, and Michael Ferguson