by Jane Stricklin

On May 17, our congregation reached another goal in giving to the REACH renovation campaign as donations surpassed the amount promised through pledges.  This is a real “Praise God” moment because the total cost of the renovation will exceed $1,010,000!


You see on the chart below (current as of May 20, 2017) that we have received pledges for REACH church renovation amounting to $721,299, and we have collected $558,576 in pledged gifts from people who made one time gifts, and those who give in weekly, monthly, and annual installments. Also, we have received gifts of $163,581 from 59 individuals and families who did not pledge, but have given anyway.  THANK YOU for your faithfulness in giving.REACHing Table

Our church is reaching out and touching lives for Christ.   No gift is too small, and it’s never too late to begin giving to REACH whether you pledged or not.

Every season brings us new ways of celebrating the changes in our building as we serve the community in Jesus’ name.   Hosting the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast early in May allowed the community to use our building and sample our great food and generosity.  Hopefully one day some will join us in church activities and find a place of love and service in our congregation.