Ron Fahs  |  Endowment Committee Member

Everyone who enters our church has the opportunity to be a “noisy” giver and you won’t get into any trouble for making the “noise”!!

We have a Fifty-Cent Fund that is available every Sunday for your “spare” change and can be deposited in a short, silver round metal canister that is located in the entry way, just to the left as you enter our church.

The “noise”, of course, comes from the sound of the coins hitting the top of the can and falling through to the bottom. Children love this opportunity to make noise and not get a scolding.

The fund was started by Jim and Carolyn Fleming in 2001 after he related the story of Hattie May Wiatt  at a Sunday morning worship service. The story in its entirety can be found on our website at, just search “Fifty Cent Fund”.

The Endowment Committee oversees and promotes this fund and makes decisions regarding the use of the funds collected.

One of our members, Frank Blahofski, contributes on a regular basis and has this to say about the fund: “I contribute because of the children that are going to someday become active members here and this fund allows for them to have some money to expand on our mission to be a Matthew 25 church.” Frank also stated that he does not always contribute coins as the container will accept paper money too.

So, let’s help keep Jim and Carolyn’s vision a reality and clean out our pockets, purse bottoms, car consoles, etc. to make us all “noisy” givers.

A little noise now can become a deafening roar in the future.