Meredith Ferguson  |  Titan Fuel Coordinator

Titan Fuel has one more packing day on May 10 and another year will be in the books!

Titan Fuel passes out an average of 320 bags every two weeks. And over the course of the school year, will have sent out 6400 bags. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, Titan Fuel has been able to touch assist these children 83,200 times during the school year.

To think this idea came from a little group of the Ruth Circle at Chatham UMC! You have made a bigger impact in two years than we ever dreamed of, and we are not finished.

Titan Fuel was able to serve all the schools in the Ball-Chatham School District this year. Unfortunately, they have not even begun to serve all the students that have a need. According to the district office, there are over 900 students that fall into the at-risk category and are eligible for Titan Fuel. Despite the program’s success, they have only begun to scratch the surface of the need.

There is more work to do and more kids to reach in the 2017-18 school year. We ask that you continue to put Titan Fuel in your prayers, and support this mission through your donations of time, food, and energy.

Titan Fuel’s major fundraiser for the year is scheduled for June 15 at Piper Glen. This Shrimp Boil fundraiser will be from 5-8pm. Watch your Circuit Rider Monthly and Weekly for more information.