Pastor Sara Isbell  |  Directing Pastor


open tombWe’ve been having issues with our garage door lately. It seems the first cold weather days come around each year, and something triggers the garage door opener to open – seemingly by itself! The first few times we blamed the kids for leaving the door open. Then the kids moved out, and we knew it had to be something else.

Maybe the mechanism was sticky. Maybe there’s somebody in the neighborhood who has the same garage door code we do. Maybe the opener is just original to the house, and it just shorts out from time to time!

In any case, it’s unnerving to come up the driveway, expecting the door to be closed and our stuff to be safe – and instead it’s standing wide open, for everybody to see the empty boxes and bicycles and rakes.

It feels a little bit vulnerable, to tell the truth, to have the big door to our lives revealed and open to the whole neighborhood.

So maybe that’s what the women felt like when they came up the path to the tomb of Jesus, and discovered that the entrance was wide-open. That’s not the way they left it on Friday. That’s not what they expected to find! Who left that door open? And maybe it felt a little bit vulnerable, too – as part of their heart which was supposed to be carefully wrapped and protected in there was suddenly exposed and left open for all to see!

Except that it wasn’t there anymore.

The body wasn’t there.

Their first concern, of course, was that Jesus’ body might have been stolen – like we would feel if our bicycles were suddenly missing from the garage.

But then two men in dazzling raiment appeared (were they angels?) and told them that if they were looking for Jesus, they were looking in the wrong place! “Why do you search for the living among the dead?” they said. “He is not here; he is risen!”

The women were surprised, to say the least: shocked, and a little bit afraid. They turned and ran, with the angels calling after them, “Tell the disciples he is alive! Tell them to meet him in Galilee!” And from that moment, nothing was ever the same again.

Epilogue: The Church Trustees fixed the garage door. Now it stays closed. But the tomb is still open, and the grave is still empty…