Curt Floyd  |  Endowment Committee Chair


In 2016, your Endowment Committee sponsored two programs to assist the congregation in dealing with issues regarding of wills, estate, and advance planning.

Building on that foundation, this year we will be offering programs designed to assist you with your personal finances.  We want to provide our members with proven tools and skills to achieve financial freedom.

The Endowment Committee realizes that the more you are able to save by making wise choices with your hard earned income, the more you will be able to support our shared Matthew 25 mission.  We are committed to help by providing the knowledge to make this win–win a reality.

More details will be coming soon.  So, be ready to sign up as attendance will be limited.  In preparation, we will be suggesting a reading list of books on success, wealth accumulation, positive thinking and many other related topics.

The first one is an easy read about the wisdom of the ages:  “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George Clason.  Most of the recommended books are available at the Chatham Public Library.