Jane Stricklin  |  Chair of Finance


Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 7.47.14 PMThe Finance Committee helps provide the church with financial direction. That means we try to make sure that the church has the money it needs to fulfill its mission and ministry.

The Finance Committee at Chatham UMC consists of 13 members including the Pastor, Chair of the Church Council, Chair of the Trustees, Chair of Staff Parish Relations Committee, the Lay Leaders, the Treasurer, the Office Manager, and the Financial Secretary. Chairpersons of several other committees serve on the Finance Committee to make sure many areas and interests are represented.

The Finance Committee provides the annual funding program for the church, which in our church is called Commitment Sunday. We create the budget which is later approved by the Church Council and the congregation. We make sure people understand where their money goes every year by providing a narrative budget and we try to educate the congregation on stewardship, generosity, and tithing. Finally, we ensure that the church maintains accurate financial records and documentation.

I want to thank you for the way you give to the missions and ministries of Chatham United Methodist Church. I don’t think we have any millionaires in our congregation, but we have people rich in faithfulness and generosity. People who are convicted of the importance of sharing the message of Jesus with our community and world.

There are two events upcoming this spring that I hope you will participate in. One is Commitment Sunday which is in May. This is the Sunday when we ask people to make a financial commitment to church operations—the money that provides a framework for all we do with missions and outreach, care for the congregation, worship, music, Sunday School, and other study groups. The operations budget also keeps the doors open, the staff paid, and the heat on. The pledges we make on Commitment Sunday are one factor in determining what kind of budget the church can support next year.

The other event begins on March 1 and it’s called 40 Acts of Generosity—one Act for every day of Lent. This won’t cost you a dime, but it involves doing one kind act every day during Lent. Suggested Acts of Generosity will be sent to your email or cell phone every day. The 40 Acts started out in the United Kingdom, so you will receive the emails or text messages really early in the morning. You can sign up out in the Commons starting Feb. 19 through March 5, or you can sign up by visiting the website https://40acts.org.uk/ or 40Acts on Twitter or Facebook.

Watch the video at www.facebook.com/40acts/videos/1171475906197103/.

Sign up and get ready to begin 40 Acts of kindness and generosity on March 1.