Hey, Church Leaders! While our church is “camping” out in the community, we have an awesome opportunity to make a witness, and let people see our church “from the inside, out!” When your church group is meeting “off-campus” during the months of renovation, be sure to make arrangements ahead of time with your host, be good guests while you are there, and leave each place better than you found it!

Remember we represent the church, and we represent Christ!  We want our conversation, our manners, our witness to love and compassion for those around us, and our respect for whoever is hosting us, to draw people toward Jesus and make them want to know more about him!

Maybe we’ll print t-shirts! Maybe we’ll design travel mugs, or table tents, or some other way of letting people know “who we are” when we are “where we are” in the community, to prompt connections and conversations while we are “out and about” in Chatham.

If you are creative and would like to help us with this project, talk to Pastor Sara or Carol Frost.

Here is a current list of where the church is meeting these days:


  • Council, Beads n More
  • Trustees, Beads n More
  • Finance, Greens’
  • Education, Gillespies’
  • Endowment, UM Foundation
  • SPRC, Beads n More
  • HEP, Carolyn Kirk’s


Small Groups

  • Wed Bible Study, Floyds’
  • Disciple, Taylors’
  • Prayer group, Carolyn Kirk’s
  • UMM, Chatham Cafe
  • Youth groups, Whynot Pizza
  • Birthday & Anniversary Lunch, Rotating



  • Choir, Zimmermanns’
  • Praise Band, Scoop DuJour



  • Titan Fuel, Beads n More

Church leaders, please be sure the church office knows where your group/committee/rehearsal is meeting, so we can help every-body get to where they need to go!