On Sunday, March 13 the congregation participated in a symbolic signing of the REACH renovation contract with Aspen Group, to “create a welcome, open environment” on the corner of 104 W. Chestnut. If you didn’t get a chance to sign, and would like to, copies are available in the church office.

The bank loan was signed on Monday the 14th, and we anticipate the work beginning before the end of the month!

The REACH project, costing $900,000, addresses our primary focus points of accessibility, flow, kitchen, and safety. These include:

  • Welcoming entrance with energy-efficient vestibule
  • Spacious and hospitable hub with offices easily accessible on the main floor
  • LULA lift for access to bottom and top floors
  • Renovated Kitchen brought up-to-code

In addition, the renovation will address issues with drainage from our roof with a brand new roof on one third of the building, and additional avenues to expel the water.

We were presented by Aspen (our design contractor) optional alternatives including:

  • Re-wired and upgraded Audio-Video Lighting system in the sanctuary
  • Repaired/replaced roof over the Sanctuary (pending determined need)
  • Single ADA accessible bathroom on the lower level 
  • New flooring in the fellowship hall

Bill Gillespie & Lynn Weddle (Chair of Trustees) sign the contract while Pastor Sara looks on.

These alternates will be evaluated and prioritized on the basis of need, mission impact and cost.

Praise be to God for all those serving, praying, and planning along the way. It is abundantly clear God has some incredible plans for His people in Chatham, Illinois!