The Policy Manual for the Endowment Committee calls for the Committee to submit an annual report to the Church Council. Here is the report for 2015.

Funds on hand at the end of 2015 were $93,414.

During 2015, the Endowment Fund managed the funding for several activities:

  • Student scholarships
  • Mission trips
  • Back to School Blessing

Also during 2015, the Committee:

  • Sponsored a “Planned Giving” seminar which was well-attended and well-received. A followup session is planned for 2016.
  • Initiated an “Endowment Committee” section on the church’s website.
  • Publicized the “Fifty-Cent Annuity” in an effort to raise awareness and re-invigorate the campaign.

If you have questions about the Committee’s activities, talk to one of the members: Curt Floyd, Chuck Herr, Pastor Sara, Jason Jones, Greg Turk, or Randy Welch.