Reach Transforming Togetherreach updatereach updateWe are excited to update the congregation on our REACH progress to-date!

Over a quarter of a million dollars has been received toward the renovation, and we are right on track for our capital campaign!  Year-end giving has been strong, and the confidence of the congregation points toward completing our project on schedule!

As of this writing, the Aspen Group is completing its architectural design work on a renovation that will accomplish the following:

  • Meet our vision goals of Accessibility, Flow, Classrooms, Kitchen and Safety
  • Address our roof maintenance
    and repair issues 
  • Create a welcome, open environment where all people can come to know and experience God, grow in Christ, serve him freely, and minister to people in our community and world
  • Pricing options will be reviewed in early January, with possible improvements to include
  • Basement-level family restroom
  • Brand-new storage areas, including basement-level crawlspace, and large upper-level storage room
    (Currently Room 206)
  • Upgraded AV capability in a new sanctuary-level soundbooth

It’s a lot to accomplish with $1 million – but Aspen Group, along with your Aspen Advisory Team, has been working overtime to achieve as many goals as possible within our budget.  We thank you for your patience and your prayers!


Next Steps

We anticipate a Final Design and Pricing meeting on Jan. 14, followed by confirmation of financing options and meeting with the District Board of Building and Location, and concluding with our official church (charge) conference vote to approve Design, Guaranteed Price, and Financing Package, at the end of January.  We hope to break ground in early February!

All are welcome to attend the church conference, and the date will be published in as many places as we can think of, with a minimum of 10 days’ notice.  All (professing) members present at the meeting will have a vote.


Where are we meeting during the renovation?

Great question!  We are working on that now, balancing the advantages and disadvantages of keeping as much programming “here” as possible, vs. moving completely off-site for a few months to expedite the work.  But no matter where we meet or how our patterns have to change during renovation, we will always be the same wonderful, loving, generous, caring Matthew 25 Church, looking forward to even more meaningful ministry!


What can I do to help?

First of all, pray!  Pray that the design comes together, that the funding comes through, and that the vision for our church’s future will be clear!

Second, contribute!  Give to the REACH campaign, taking advantage of year-end charitable giving and tax deductions, as well as the generosity of friends and family, to reduce our debt on the loan.  Remember:  any money given at the ‘front end’ greatly reduces what we will owe at the ‘back end.’

Third, get excited with us about the promise and potential of this project!

  • Our new entry-way will be accessible and welcoming to everyone!
  • Our hub/lobby area will be warm and comfortable, and invite people to stop and talk, and get to know each other!
  • Our improved sound system will ensure greater participation in worship!
  • Our cry-room will help young children and families stay included in worship even when they step out of the sanctuary!
  • Our up-to-code kitchen will expand our ability to feed the hungry, in accordance with our mission!
  • Our LULA lift will allow everyone to participate in small groups and Sunday School, regardless of physical ability!

This is really going to be an exciting improvement to our facilities – a project that makes our building almost as welcoming as our people!