On October 25, 2015, we celebrated Harvest Sunday.  This is an annual celebration of God’s abundance and generosity to us, in which we challenge the church to step out in faith and “Try a Tithe.”  We know the idea of returning to God 10% of what we have earned or received is a challenge for many Christians.  But Harvest Sunday is an opportunity to give it a try – just one Sunday – to give God 1/10 of that week’s earnings, and see what happens!

Well, here’s what happened: $3549.77 was received that Sunday morning in Harvest Sunday envelopes – and there was much rejoicing!  We boosted the budget, we lifted our spirits, and it seems we even set free a flow of generosity that continued well into November, with proceeds from the Thanksgiving meal totaling over $1360, and November Mission of the Month food donations to the food pantry estimated at $927.75!  God is so good to us, and it’s a joy to give back!  Thanks to everyone who participated in Harvest Sunday!  Let’s do it again soon!