The November Mission of the Month is the Ball-Chatham Food Pantry. The food pantry has filled food orders serving 160 families this year. To help the pantry make it through the holidays, we will have paper bags available for you to pick up in the narthex with a shopping list attached. The items listed are items the pantry is in great need of. You will notice we have divided up the items with letters of the alphabet. Please bring your donations to the church.  Money is welcome; it is used to buy perishable goods for the patrons.  You can put it in your giving envelope and mark amount for the food pantry or make a note on the bottom of your check.

Below is the first initial of your last name and the shopping list for each.

  • A-G: Tuna, Peanut butter & Jelly, Toilet Paper, Mayo.
  • H-M:  Canned Tomatoes, Peas, Pears & Pineapple, Dish Soap, Cooking Oil.
  • N-S:  Tomato Sauce, Pork & Beans, Hamburger Helper, Laundry Detergent.
  • T-Z:  Chili, Paper Towels, Ketchup, Mac & Cheese, Rice.