The Aspen Advisory Team is moving forward, meeting with Aspen twice a month to find the right renovation plan for Chatham UMC. Our goal is still to meet the five objectives originally set for the project:

• Accessibility
• Flow
• Kitchen
• Classrooms
• Safety

while remaining within the budget indicated by our REACH capital campaign. The campaign is expected to produce at least $750K over a three-year period; as of July (halfway through the first year), $150,000 of that amount has already been given. So we are right on-track to achieve our goal!

Your Church Council has approved the investment of up to $1 million (which may be completed with a second “half” capital campaign) to cover design, construction, and money set aside for our own skillful hands to complete work on classrooms, kitchen, and office space designed by Aspen. The funding may be divided as follows (*Note: Guaranteed Price will be established in preparation for the church conference vote; the numbers below are approximate):

$99.5K – architectural design, mechanical/electrical/plumbing/fire sprinkler design, design development and permitting, including design of spaces we can renovate ourselves
$700K – construction work by Aspen
$200K – set aside for expert volunteers to finish and/or hire (e.g., roof work) plans designed for us by Aspen

We want to thank everyone for their help, prayers, and support of this project! If you made a pledge to the REACH campaign, know that we are deeply grateful for your generosity, and that your faithfulness makes all the difference in REACHing our goal! If you have not yet made a pledge to REACH, but would like to, gifts are always welcome, and pledge cards are available in the narthex and church office.

An all-church conference vote is anticipated later this fall (this is later than originally anticipated); please watch for notices and announcements in the newsletter, bulletin, email and worship announcements.

If you have any questions, please contact anyone on the Aspen Advisory Team (including Julie Miller, Terry Burke, Dave/Belinda Green, Bill Gillespie, Chuck Herr, Dave Laird, Jim Logan, Jeanette Hampson, Mike Branham, Mike Ford, Phil Fahs, Roger Phillips)