Our REACH initiative is really moving forward now! We have viewed (and re- viewed) renderings of the concepts developed for us by Aspen, offered feedback and made adjustments, and we have begun to estimate a timeline for our next steps. If you have not had a chance to study the renderings (drawings) of our renovation concepts, please stop by the fellowship hall anytime and take a look. Members of the Aspen Advisory Team (Belinda Green, Phil Fahs, Mike Ford, Mike Branham, Jeanette Hampson, Bill Gillespie, Joel Eaton, Jim Logan, Chuck Herr, Dave Laird, Kim Pearce, Roger Philips, Terry Burke, Julie Miller, Pastor Sara) are more than willing to answer questions and hear concerns.
While exact dates and details are still to be determined (based on our readiness to call a charge conference vote), our timeline at this point looks something like this:

December 2014 – first two weeks – Aspen Advisory Team members continue meeting with groups, committees, individuals, etc., to communicate the vision and respond to concerns. We’d like to get everybody familiar and comfortable with the plan before Christmas. If you have not had a chance to participate in a small group discussion, or to get your questions answered, please don’t hesitate to contact one of us. We hope to bring the whole church on board!

January 2015 – mid-month – Schedule and announce a charge conference to approve the proposal we have so far, and authorize an architect to proceed with a formal design. The architectural designs are expected to require about six months’ work.

January-February – Launch the REACH! Transforming Together capital campaign to raise the funding we need for architectural and construction work. A number of spiritual growth opportunities will be offered during this period, to help us keep our focus on Christ and his Church – including a “Generosity” study, prayer labyrinth and “snooze prayer,” and Bible Reading. Children and Youth will also be participating. Commitment Sunday will be scheduled for late Feb.- early March. We anticipate a three-year campaign, perhaps followed by a second three-year campaign, depending on the scope of the project.

June-July – Second charge conference to approve exact plans: design and cost.

July-August – Break ground! The project is anticipated to last about seven months. As renovation to the sanctuary will be minimal, we do not anticipate having to re- locate Sunday worship during this period; however, staff and other programs will likely need to find alternate locations during all or part of this time.

Early Spring 2016 – Housewarming Celebration and Consecration of our New Building!

Many thanks to all who have participated so far in sharing, learning, and praying about our project. Special thanks to the Aspen Advisory Team and the Generis Team (Jane Stricklin, Curt Floyd, Dean Abbott, Laura Carroll, Carol Frost, Joel Eaton, Mike Ferguson, Jason Jones, Julie Miller, Pastor Sara), and to all who have prayed faithfully this prayer: “God, what is it that you want to do through me to accomplish your will for Chatham UMC?”

Year End Giving
For those wishing to make a year-end gift to Chatham UMC or to the REACH campaign – we thank you for your generosity, and we welcome all gifts! While we hope all members will commit generously to the REACH capital campaign after the New Year, “first gifts” are surely welcome in advance! Please make your gift to Chatham United Methodist Church, with “REACH” on the memo line, and/or use one of the REACH envelopes provided in the church pew or office. An early gift is a true blessing; it inspires hope and confidence for other givers, sets a pace of generosity and joy, and gives us a good foundation for the pledge campaign beginning in January. Thank you!